thesalamanderman asked:
If you believe in aliens, then you dont believe in a god.


lol well that’s not true at all. Let’s for the sake of this argument assume that everything in the Bible is literally true.

The Bible says God created everything in 7 days, right? Who knows what he created on the 8th day that man just never knew about it. I mean, He is God ya know, He doesn’t have to tell us shit. It says He created man in His image. From what we think aliens look like, they def don’t look like man. He mighta created a shitload of characters we never knew about.

Second, there is a whole theory that “aliens” are actually fallen angels that have been cast out of heaven so they stay in between our world and what we refer to as heaven. There are many Bible verses that some people interpret to be speaking about “aliens” or creatures created by God that inhabit the skies that are not of the human world. I did a whole science report on this in jr high.

Third, it’s ridiculous to think that after all this time, in this giant universe that God didn’t get bored one day and was like, “I’m tired of people, I’m finna make some other thangs and see what kinda shit they do!”


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